“See? I told you so!”

Note: I’ve jut checked the links in this article as of 2020. Yup, they’re all dead.

Even Chicago Sun-Times Columnists Richard Roeper agrees!

Memo to the editorial cartoonists of the world: I love the creativity you show in your work, but the next time a celebrity dies and you’re thinking about doing a drawing of God or St. Peter greeting the celeb at the gates of heaven, hmmm, maybe not. It’s been done about a million times by now. (Not to mention the fact that some of these famous folks hardly led ticket-to-heaven lives.)

Thanks for your consideration.

The final count of editorial cartoons for Bob Hope (collected on Slate.com):

  • Bob Hope meeting St. Peter: 11
  • Hope & Crosby in Heaven: 4 (they’re playing golf on the clouds in 3 of ’em) But where’s Dorothy Lamour? She’s dead, too!
  • Entertaining troops in Heaven: 5
  • Simple portraits: 6
  • “Thanks for the memories:” 3.

Hollywood writer Mark Evanier has added lots of good stories and correspondence about Hope on his weblog. Among the fun facts we’ve learned: Mention the licensed DC Comics series “The Adventures of Bob Hope,” and he’d proudly point out that he owned a complete run of the series, which ran from 1950 to the late 60’s. Also, that he really did have a photograph of Gen. Patton pi**ing in the Rhine River. It appears from these reminiscences that if you got to visit Bob at home, you were bound to be entertained. Evanier also points out that most of these cartoonists seem to be totally unable to draw Bob Hope! The most distinctive schnozz in the entertainment world! Come on!

And yes, my ranting was originally inspired by an essay written a few years back by George Carlin. He has reprinted it on his own website. Carlin was more accurate than even he could have imagined: CBS really did have the major Bob Hope tribute special, not NBC.

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