I’m littering up the Web even more

I’m trying to place links to other places where I’ve written pithy or worthwhile stuff. Here you can find an index of comments I’ve left about movies on the

Internet Movie Database. Worth a try.

Also, when I contributed a plot summary about the "Fargo" TV pilot, it was indexed under this search link.

Finally, wayyy back in college, my roommate Tim was building a card file on which he had entered all of the actors who had appeared on �Star Trek� (this was before the name needed to be qualified with the subtitle �The Original Series�) and was combing through TV Guides to find other shows on which these actors had appeared, clipping the program descriptions, and pasting them onto the index cards. That’s right, kiddies, this is exactly the analogy they use to describe a computer database, which, before everyone had computers, had to be done laboriously by hand.

At some point I inherited the card file, with the intention of updating it. Then I had the intention of putting it in the computer. Finally I realized this work had already been done on the internet. So I�ve been taking a few cards at a time, and checking the credits against the IMDB, adding new credits where none were noted before. This is mostly for guest shots on TV shows that no longer have much of a following. I can see the list of update when I�m registered to imdb, but others can�t, I�m afriad. So far, I’ve updated info on 15 TV shows.

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