Oscar, oscar, oscar pt. 2

So of course Sean Penn is getting some pipe for his clearly unprepared Oscar acceptance speech, which opened with "One thing actors know, besides the fact that there were no WMD’s…" But waitaminit! There were no WMD’s! And people who suggested there weren’t were being called traitors!

Who’s turned out to be smarter: George W. Bush or Jeff Spicoli? Both seemed to have had the same high school record.

Ananotherthing… Think of those technical guys holed away in computer labs, basements and workshops, slaving away to devlop some new motion capture system or way to keep a handheld camera from shaking. Finally, your hard work pays off and you’re going to the little dinner where the Academy gives out the technical Oscar. And there’s Charlize Theron, happy to be handing out the awards. Wouldn’t you wish you could pull a Brody and plant a big wet kiss on her, too?

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