Hiding out and Hanging out

So, I’m still not Wi-Fi enabled and mobile. But I expect to be shortly. And I’m thinking now of locations to hide or hang out while wasting time surfing the net doing my important writing.

My detached garage has no electricity, though it might be within reach of my Mac Mini’s Air Port. But let’s say you just want to go someplace away from the usual coffee shops and just sit in a quiet spot?

Here is:
#1 College Extension Campus Buildings
My current temp assignment is at the “Naperville Campus” of Northern Illinois University. A nice big, recent building along one of the many Corporeta lining the tollway. During the summer its practically empty except for the occasional seminar. You can be it’s Wi-Fi enabled. And it has plenty of lounging areas besides the classrooms. Pretty much anyone can walk in, and there’s a small cafe, too.

Now I haven’t tested the Wi-Fi, and it may be you need to be a registered student to access it, so you might be SOL if you want free internet, or have a data plan handy. And while there are a few of these “Campus” buildings in local downtowns, I’m thinking a lot of them are a bit of a drive from anybody’s residence. But of you really need a few hours of peace and quiet, here’s a possibility.

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