Christopher Reeve

Chris Reeve was not really "my" Superman. (Know what I mean? In the way that each generation of British kids defined themselves by who "their" Doctor Who was.) As a tyke, I had reruns of "The Adventures of Superman," the George Reeves series, every afternoon, right after the local Cartoon Carnival (which ran only Warner… Continue reading Christopher Reeve

More Oscar Observations

Impressing your friends with your Oscar savvy I did promise this a while back now, didn’t I. Alright, here are a few things you can use next time the Oscars roll around: Documentary Feature and Short Subject awards. Other observers have picked up on this independently, so it should no longer be a surprise. The… Continue reading More Oscar Observations

Giving Up Beer for Lent

Giving Up Beer for Lent; Drnk_McDermott makes a huge sacrifice: A RateBeer Feature I wrote this about my experiences trying to "do without" like a good Catholic boy, and posted it to the website. Enjoy.

Oscar, oscar, oscar pt. 2

So of course Sean Penn is getting some pipe for his clearly unprepared Oscar acceptance speech, which opened with "One thing actors know, besides the fact that there were no WMD’s…" But waitaminit! There were no WMD’s! And people who suggested there weren’t were being called traitors! Who’s turned out to be smarter: George W.… Continue reading Oscar, oscar, oscar pt. 2

Oscar, Oscar?, Oscar!

Despite my affected cynicism, I’m just a sucker for the Academy Awards. I usually think of myself as being able to reliably pick the minor and technical awards based on previous observations (which I’ll summarize below). But had I gotten up the gumption to enter, say, the Outguess Ebert contest, I would never have thought… Continue reading Oscar, Oscar?, Oscar!

A Flash at the Bell

So today’s the day the place I work at merged with Moore Wallace and changed its stock ticker from DNY to RRD. To commemorate the event, our office was invited to the posh lounge to watch our new CEO ring the opening bell at the new York Stock Exchange, an honor already bestowed to the… Continue reading A Flash at the Bell

Another reason I’m not in retail

At the first of the year, I have to suspect that drugstore pharmacists have the most thankless job around. January has now become the time that millions of workers and retirees see their prescription drug benefits switched to a new provider or a new cost-cutting plan–cost-cutting for the company providing it, that is. While waiting… Continue reading Another reason I’m not in retail

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