More Signs of the Times

I saw these driving up I-65 from Indianapolis this weekend, meaning millions of people have already seen ’em, but here it is anyway: The "Flying J" truck stop chain’s usual series of billboards now proudly proclaim themselves to have "WiFi Hotspots." There have already been Starbucks at the oases on the Indiana Tollway, and I… Continue reading More Signs of the Times

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People Are Wonderful/No Damn Good

I’m back from a long stretch of business and distraction with a couple stories about my adventures in beer geekdom. Although you can probably substitute “Wine,” “Cheese,” even “Cigars” for “Beer,” and there’s a similar story out there. Back in November, my homebrew club, BOSS, held its usual meeting with samplings of various beers. We… Continue reading People Are Wonderful/No Damn Good

Must be a new baseball rule

So just how is a guy trying to catch a foul ball going into the stands responsible for eight runs? Don’t Cubby errors have something to do with it?

Cub Fans Share the Love!

Here’s a sampling of Cub fan reaction to the "fouled ball," from the Oct. 15 Sun-Times, in brief: BY GREG COUCH Staff Reporter Five outs from the World Series, and Florida’s Luis Castillo hit a fly ball that went to Cubs left fielder Moises Alou. He drifted over toward the stands and jumped for the… Continue reading Cub Fans Share the Love!

“If you watched more TV, perhaps you’d be better at your job”

Woe unto Bat-fans who don’t have the (now long-defunct) Trio cable channel. Every couple of months, they run a “Brilliant But Cancelled” promotion featuring network shows that died before their time, like “The Ernie Kovacs Show,” “East Side/West Side” (George C. Scott as a two-fisted social worker!) etc. (though it’s a stretch to put “The… Continue reading “If you watched more TV, perhaps you’d be better at your job”

Nize Lady!

Another Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon has come and gone, and again I am compelled to watch it waiting for a train wreck. Now understand, that even though Jerry’s motive for working this event for nearly 40 years has never been explained, and his statements in defense of his “kids” border on the bizarre, it… Continue reading Nize Lady!