Are Cartoonists People?

Here’s a rant that been fermenting in the back of my head for awhile, and I’m finally getting it out. Editorial cartoonists are supposed to be able to summarize world events and distill them into a single image that makes a salient point, maybe even provoking a laugh. So howcum it is when some celebrity… Continue reading Are Cartoonists People?

The way to really fly

Haven’t had a chance to mention that my commuting time was severely hampered last week. Seems one of the trestles on the Illinois Central line that my Metra Electric train runs over burned down the night of June 22. I learned this as I was driving to my station Monday morning the 23rd: No trains… Continue reading The way to really fly

A Poem for Pop-Corn Days

Schaller, Iowa Pop Corn Days 2002The Jaycees Beer Garden A local band blangs away  from a flatbed stageIn a beer garden walled  by semitrailers The singer channels the Foo Fighters  like him, we’re “Lookin’ for the sky to save me,   “Lookin’ for a sign of life” In front of the stage a young mother “dances” with her daughter.She’s wearing a… Continue reading A Poem for Pop-Corn Days

Car Shows

This past weekend (June 15), I discovered a little custom car show being held in a local McDonald’s parking lot. Along with the rather out-of-place stock Prowler and Viper (maybe there was Chrysler money involved), was an interesting, albeit usual assortment of restored and customized cars. Like a 1966 Ford Cobra, a low-rider car whose… Continue reading Car Shows

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