Musical Cheese

Can You Tame Wild Wimmen: Gotham by Gaslight

Just as I finally decided to get my dormant url to point to this section, I also got approved as an iTunes affiliate. So, If I can offer some musical cheese stories good enough to get you to click on and buy the music indicated, I might get a nickel or so. Gotham by Gaslight […]


In death, I leave my resume.

This came from a thread on cartoonist Scott Shaw!s excellent Oddball Comics forum. I’m turning it into an e-mailable post. If this comes back to your in-box a year later, I’m to blame. So, which writer was most concerned about his reputation after his death? Charles Dickens? Walt Whitman? Mark Twain? Ernest Hemingway? or Bob […]


I’ve ironed your cape, Master Bruce

Wait a minute! Michael Caine is playing Alfred the Butler in "Batman Begins." And nowhere in the movie does anyone ask him "What’s it all about?" Or whether it’s "just for the moments we li-i-i-i-ve?" Where’s Dionne Warwick when you need her?

TV Yesterdays

“If you watched more TV, perhaps you’d be better at your job”

Woe unto Bat-fans who don’t have the (now long-defunct) Trio cable channel. Every couple of months, they run a “Brilliant But Cancelled” promotion featuring network shows that died before their time, like “The Ernie Kovacs Show,” “East Side/West Side” (George C. Scott as a two-fisted social worker!) etc. (though it’s a stretch to put “The […]