I vote for "Old" Vader

Before I was a comics, Star Trek and beer geek, I was a stamp collector. So I still keep up with new issues and buy cool ones to address my mail. And I know some of the rules about who can be honored on a stamp. The primary rule has been that no living person […]


Published again!

Yes, I do understand the rules of blogging. You’ve got to keep posting fresh stuff every day or so. Then people will come to read, then maybe they’ll click the ad links. Maybe when we move to a new house I can find the time. But now, I must finally make time to post this […]

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Separated at the Inkpot

All right, I’m seriously behind on a paper about "Star Wars" that I had promised over a year ago, but having just re-watched "The Phantom menace," I must get this out of the way: Sebulba Dick Dastardly Surely other people have commented on this. Sebulba did absolutely nothing in the movie that Dastrdly didn’t do […]