Finding the Mileu of the Spider-Man Music LPs

Finding the Mileu of the Spider-Man Music LPs From Web-Spinning Heroics: Critical Essays on the History and Meaning of Spider-Man. edited by Robert Moses Peaslee and Robert G. Weiner. Copyright ©2012 Robert Moses Peaslee and Robert G. Weiner; McFarland & Co., Publishers


“Hamlet will return in Thunderball”: Historical Precedents of Riffing

PDF copy to read! From In the Peanut Gallery with Mystery Science Theater 3000: Essays on Film, Fandom, Technology and the Culture of Riffing. edited by Robert G. Weiner and Shelley E. Barba. Copyright ©2011 Robert G. Weiner and Shelley E. Barba; McFarland & Co., Publishers.

Two Articles on Captain America

“The Invaders and the All-Star Squadron” and“History of the Marvel Zombies and Colonel America Among the Marvel Zombies”

The Menace of Fans to the Franchise

From Finding the Force of the Star Wars Franchise:Fans, Merchandise, and Critics. (Amazon) Edited by Matthew Wilhelm Kapell & John Shelton Lawrence. Copyright © 2006 Peter Lang Pub Inc. My first anthologized work of popular culture scholarship. It has a focus on fan films and explores the issues Star Wars fans had with George Lucas’ […]


Chicago Tribune CareerBuilder Articles

Articles These are articles on various careers that I wrote in 2003-2004, when CareerBuilder was co-owned by the Tribune Co. and Knight-Ridder. These appeared in the Sunday Jobs section of the Chicago Tribune.

Encyclopedia Articles

From: The Guide to United States Popular Cultureedited by Ray B. Browne & Pat BrowneCopyright 2001 © Bowling Green State University Popular Press