I started on the previous rant yesterday, before Bob Hope died (and how many times will you hear or use the phrase “finally died” today?). So let’s count the number of cartoons tomorrow that show St. Peter meeting Bob, and telling him “Thanks for the Memories.” I predict that a slightly lesser number of cartoons will show Bob reunited with Bing and Dorothy on “The Road to Heaven.” After that, golfing with Bing on top of a cloud. Betcha.

In fact, I bet most of those cartoonist had their Bob Hope Tribute cartoon all drawn years ago and ready to run, just like a newspaper’s obiturary department. All they have to do is date it and submit it.

So let’s wonder how many personalities already have clich├ęd memorial cartoons prepared for them: all the ex-presidents, no doubt, um, Clint Eastwood, who is 73, after all (St. Peter will be telling him, “Go ahead, make my day!” Yuk, yuk, yuk). The Pope and Billy Graham (the cartoons there would be just too easy).

And this is not to take anything away from Bob at all, but I notice the obit on said Bob had been “Known as ‘Mr. Entertainment’ or ‘the King of Comedy’.” Really? Just about everybody worthy of a Friar’s Roast has been “Mr. Entertainment.” The only nickname I remember applied exclusively to Bob was “Old Ski Nose.”

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