Catching Up

Finally got a little time to mention: I went to Minneapolis a few weekends ago on business. Spotted two culturally iconic cars during the trip: on a suburban Minneapolis street, I passed a panel van painted to look like The Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo cartoons (not the first time I’ve seen it, or maybe one of many: last year I spotted one in a storage lot in Bourbonnais, Illinois).

Then, while driving home, I was taking the two-lane highway 12 to avoid fighting Wisconsin Dells traffic in the middle of a thunderstorm. As I was coming around the south of Madison, what should be tooling down the opposite lane but one of the Oscar Meyer Wienermobiles! It’d be polite to link this to something, I know, but Oscar Meyer’s web site is pretty scant about its Wienermobiles.

Wouldn’t it be a just slightly cooler world if there were more cars like this on the highway? It’d sure lighten the morning commute to be stuck in traffic ahead of the Munstermobile.

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