Movie Time: Untogether

Jamie Dorman and Jemima Kirke in "Untogether."
Jamie Dorman and Jemima Kirke in “Untogether.” Source: Freestyle Digital Media

Once more, I get to expand my “influencer” tag by reviewing a movie.

“Untogether” marks the directorial debut of writer Emma Forrest. It opens February 8 at the AMC South Barrington 30, following its premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival.

The romance follows a couple who fall into bed together, then try to decide whether they want to be a couple. Nick (Jamie Dornan [50 Shades of Grey]) admits he broke up with his previous girlfriend only upon meeting Andrea (Jemima Kirke [Girls]), at a party. Despite not wanting not to commit too soon, Andrea takes one of Nick’s shirts home with her, and Nick starts deleting other women from his phone’s contacts.

Both leads are writers: Nick has a popular a memoir of his time as a doctor in the Middle East, and of a girlfriend who was killed there. Andrea has been unable to follow up on a successful first novel ever since—or maybe because—she got sober. She has the added handicap of living in L.A. without a driver’s license.

Andrea shares the family home with her younger sister Tara (Kirke’s real-life sister Lola). She is a massage therapist, trying to reconnect with her lapsed Jewish heritage with a socially activist rabbi, played with warmth by Billy Crystal. She is also dating an older rock musician who is “getting the band back together.” He has my favorite line of the whole movie:

You got me pegged wrong, sister. You’ve got me in the one-hit wonder camp? Well, I had two hits! Two bites of the cherry!

These are not callow 20-somethings finding true love for the first time. Each character lets out some pain in their stories, some of it self-inflicted. Dornan’s character remains a bit hard to like. But perhaps that helps the movie by offering the possibility that Nick and Andrea really aren’t meant to be together. The supporting cast can’t decide whether to talk them in to or out of the relationship. The result is a sort of rom-com with indie cred. It can be enjoyed as a look into other people’s lives.

And it’s always good to see Crystal on the screen. His character offers some moral guidance to the others, and he jokes mainly during his services, like any other church leader trying to keep his congregants interested.

I need to indulge my trivia side, as always: The Kirke sisters are daughters of Simon Kirke, the drummer with Bad Company and Free. Jennifer Gray and Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0) also appear.

Distributed by: Freestyle Digital Media
Rating: R
Written/Directed by: Emma Forrest
Executive Produced by: Scott Adler, Alex Cutler, Vijay Amritraj, and Prakash Amritraj
Executive Producers: Dana Guerin, Michael Guerin, and Greg Scott
Produced by: Luke Daniels, Brandon K. Hogan, and Scott LaStait.

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