Musical Cheese: The Saga Began

This post is in “beta”. I have been trying to work with embedding Mixcloud playlists, and not getting any cooperation. Leaving this accessible for people to offer advice.

I am still poking at my resurrected website, trying to update old posts, retrieve dead links, etc. I’ve also had some time sitting at home, remoting in to work, waiting for assignments. This is different from those days when I sat at work waiting for assignments.

And I finally got around to editing another of my airchecks from my 2012 “Musical Cheese” show.

Mi queso es your cheese.

Since most people won’t scroll through years’ worth of posts, here’s the gist. In 2011, I enrolled in some classes at Illinois Institute of Technology to add some internet skills. The fall semester was at their suburban campus in Wheaton. But for the following spring semester, I got to drive one evening a week to their main campus, which is just in sight of downtown Chicago. I already knew they had a campus radio station, WIIT. As it happened, they were alright with me doing a DJ shift. Truth to tell, they were kind of short on DJs. But then, it’s a technical college, without a radio/TV production program.

I had not been announcing on radio since my grad school days, in 1986. But for this shift, it took just an hour or so of training to get the hang of the equipment. Including spinning CDs, plugging in a laptop to play songs from iTunes, or using a flash drive with more songs. They had turntables, but they weren’t equipped with cartridges or headshells. Apparently, they tended to get stolen. So, I would have had to bring my own, kind of an expensive proposition.

I quickly worked out how to record an aircheck on the studio computer. I have put a few of these on my Mixcloud account already. Many of these shows, though, had some issues where my DJ announcements were recorded too low, or only on one channel. I had to spend time prettying them up.

I made some rookie mistakes cuing up and starting some of the records. In my months of working my “day job” from home, I finally get some minimal GarageBand skills to drop in better recordings. In the years between 2012 and now, GarageBand works a little more like iMovie, so my minimal skills could transfer between applications. I also cut out the Public Service Announcements. That first show is now cleaned up and ready to foist upon the world!

First Musical Cheese, February 8, 2012

Embedded using Embed Mixcloud Advanced

As it turned out, I had Privacy Badger blocking links to itself. Once I turned it off for my post editing page, this plug-in now works.

How about with the original WordPress Mixcloud Embed:

Looks like I’ve got this thing worked out now. I am leaving some of these extra embeds up because I see one embed only plays as long as it’s been clicked on, while another keeps playing until you click it off.

For your convenience, I’ve also added affiliate links to the Apple Music store for each artist in the list above. Buy and download your own copy of these tunes, and I may get a tiny sliver.

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