Movie Time: 63 Up

I am watching this movie as my first look at director Michael Apted’s “Up” series. I had been aware of it ever since Siskel & Ebert, in 1978, heaped praise on the “21 Up” segment of the series. So I had hoped to catch up on the now nine installments, but time and other issues… Continue reading Movie Time: 63 Up

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Movie Time: Untogether

Once more, I get to expand my “influencer” tag by reviewing a movie. “Untogether” marks the directorial debut of writer Emma Forrest. It opens February 8 at the AMC South Barrington 30, following its premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. The romance follows a couple who fall into bed together, then try to decide… Continue reading Movie Time: Untogether

Movie Time: American Street Kid

Scene from "American Street Kid"

Today I am adding a “Movie Reviewer” hat to my rack. It seems my social media profile somewhere qualified me for this, so I have had the occasional offer of screeners for upcoming films.  “American Street Kid” had a showing December 11 at Chicago’s Regal Webster Place, in advance of a wider run later. It’s… Continue reading Movie Time: American Street Kid

The Hobbit Condensed

Gene Deitch's "The hobbit"

Some months ago, the cartoonbrew blog posted a YouTube video that had unearthed a long-lost pilot for a Howdy Doody cartoon film series, made on spec for “Buffalo Bob” Smith and NBC by animator Gene Deitch (“Tom Terrific” among many others). That film was thought lost for many years until someone unearthed a copy and… Continue reading The Hobbit Condensed

Another “rediscovered” Warner Brothers wartime cartoon

Navy training film produced by Warner Bros.

Another Warner Brothers military film rediscovered: The Cartoon Brew site discusses this film. Much lesser-known than the Pvt. Snafu, cartoons for the Army, the Grampaw Pettigrew character was thought to have been created by the UPA studio for Navy training films, but Brew researchers found the first of these was definitely Warner Brothers, probably Frank… Continue reading Another “rediscovered” Warner Brothers wartime cartoon

Best analysis of a failed "Star Trek" movie by its writer… It’s easier to follow the links in this article than to track to the original articles it cites. Basically, Michael Pillar, "Star Trek: TNG’s" show runner, detailed what went wrong with "Star Trek: Insurrection." While I might complain that I just now realized the final plot of the movie was swiped by "Avatar," is… Continue reading Best analysis of a failed "Star Trek" movie by its writer