A few of my favorite Holiday sounds

Rather than another rant about the general awfulness of selection on radio stations that go "all Christmas songs" before Halloween, let’s check out some links to favorite aural treats: "Sound Opinions," NPR’s rock’n’roll talk show, is scheduled for a visit from DJ Andy Cizran, who each year presents a collection of found vinyl Christmas oddities.… Continue reading A few of my favorite Holiday sounds

Creepiest Johnny Cash soundtrack

Click here, while the link is active, for the raw footage of the overserved Chicago cop beating up a bartender: http://video.nbc5.com/player/?id=83968 (c) 2007, WMAQ. All rights reserved. Without the voiceover of a news reader narrating the story, we find out that the beating ends just as the jukebox finishes playing Johnny Cash’ "Sunday Morning Coming… Continue reading Creepiest Johnny Cash soundtrack

Attention Radio DJs!

Today, over one thousand morning jocks will be playing drop-ins of dialogue from the movie Groundhog Day. Five hundred of them will play the same piece of dialog over and over after every song or commercial. We get it. The movie was about a guy forced to live the same day over and over. It’s… Continue reading Attention Radio DJs!

Radio Ga-Ga

As much as I enjoy oldies music, there’s a very big flaw in the way it’s been presented on the radio: there’s nothing new! Once a playlist for an oldies radio station has been set, there seems to be an Iron Curtain around it that prevents any songs from being added or removed. Each Memorial… Continue reading Radio Ga-Ga

Ready to feel even older?

So, which pop song’s use in a commercial represents the greatest sell-out of a generation’s attitudes? Led Zeppelin’s "Rock ‘n Roll" for Cadillac? The Clash’s "Should I Stay or Should I Go" for Pontiac’s G6 "Oprahmobile?" The entire Who catalog for everything from the Hummer to cholesterol drugs? Jefferson Airplane’s "Volunteers" for E*Trade? I was… Continue reading Ready to feel even older?

All Killer, No Filler?

Was just reading some news squibs about the fact that some bands, specifically Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers have refused to have their music sold online via Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Their rationale was that they were unhappy with the service for allowing customers to download individual tracks, with the rationale that “Our artists… Continue reading All Killer, No Filler?