TV Yesterdays: September 24, 1955

Times are Eastern/Central. Based on contemporary TV schedules. 7:00/6:00 p.m. CBS: Gene Autry Ransom Cross: Gene becomes involved in an archaeological discovery of an ancient Spanish cross, which causes a battle with crooks. With Pat Buttram (repeat from 1953).

Love Network

Considering we only caught the last half hour of the MDA telethon, why do I want to comment on it? Especially, why am I pushing off other posts I wanted to write in order to do this? Partly, I guess, because of the great comments on the telethon that Mark Evanier provides. My comment is… Continue reading Love Network


"He’s dead, Jim!" Sorry, but everybody else is saying that. Or "Aye canna get any more power to the warp drive, Cap’n! I’m completely dead!"

“If you watched more TV, perhaps you’d be better at your job”

Woe unto Bat-fans who don’t have the (now long-defunct) Trio cable channel. Every couple of months, they run a “Brilliant But Cancelled” promotion featuring network shows that died before their time, like “The Ernie Kovacs Show,” “East Side/West Side” (George C. Scott as a two-fisted social worker!) etc. (though it’s a stretch to put “The… Continue reading “If you watched more TV, perhaps you’d be better at your job”

Nize Lady!

Another Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon has come and gone, and again I am compelled to watch it waiting for a train wreck. Now understand, that even though Jerry’s motive for working this event for nearly 40 years has never been explained, and his statements in defense of his “kids” border on the bizarre, it… Continue reading Nize Lady!

Catching Up

Finally got a little time to mention: I went to Minneapolis a few weekends ago on business. Spotted two culturally iconic cars during the trip: on a suburban Minneapolis street, I passed a panel van painted to look like The Mystery Machine from the Scooby-Doo cartoons (not the first time I’ve seen it, or maybe… Continue reading Catching Up

I just go on, but in a Fair and Balanced way

Okay, I promise, my two absolutely last words on Bob Hope (I can’t help it, I’m a pop culture maven). The entertaining TVParty has a feature story on Bob’s TV career, which points out how he managed to avoid burning out in the medium like his contemporaries did by only appearing in “specials,” instead of… Continue reading I just go on, but in a Fair and Balanced way