I just go on, but in a Fair and Balanced way

Okay, I promise, my two absolutely last words on Bob Hope (I can’t help it, I’m a pop culture maven). The entertaining TVParty has a feature story on Bob’s TV career, which points out how he managed to avoid burning out in the medium like his contemporaries did by only appearing in “specials,” instead of… Continue reading I just go on, but in a Fair and Balanced way

“See? I told you so!”

Note: I’ve jut checked the links in this article as of 2020. Yup, they’re all dead. Even Chicago Sun-Times Columnists Richard Roeper agrees! Memo to the editorial cartoonists of the world: I love the creativity you show in your work, but the next time a celebrity dies and you’re thinking about doing a drawing of… Continue reading “See? I told you so!”


I started on the previous rant yesterday, before Bob Hope died (and how many times will you hear or use the phrase “finally died” today?). So let’s count the number of cartoons tomorrow that show St. Peter meeting Bob, and telling him “Thanks for the Memories.” I predict that a slightly lesser number of cartoons… Continue reading Addendum

Are Cartoonists People?

Here’s a rant that been fermenting in the back of my head for awhile, and I’m finally getting it out. Editorial cartoonists are supposed to be able to summarize world events and distill them into a single image that makes a salient point, maybe even provoking a laugh. So howcum it is when some celebrity… Continue reading Are Cartoonists People?